In Pahuyuth, the intermediate stage is the development stage of blue belt (prospective teacher) and red belt (teacher). The teacher stage follows the learning stage.

Pahuyuth belt levels qualification learning path

When becoming blue belts, members of Pahuyuth are considered as fully trained warriors within their respective discipline. At that moment they have acquired about fifty percent of the possible learning contents in this specific discipline. In order to achieve perfection, a further study as a teacher trainee is required as well as acquiring knowledge in the missing disciplines.

Nobody imparts knowledge

Upon entering the teaching stage, Pahuyuth practitioners lose their student status and their given Warrior Name. From then on they are considered nameless warriors. and are referred to either as „a blue belt“ or „a teacher“, but can also choose one or more Warrior Names themselves. These chosen names often refer to ghosts or vengeful spirits.

Members of the teaching level are no longer assumed to be „living“ (active) warriors who strive for victories and recognition. Instead, their focus is now on the symbolic „transmission of knowledge by a spirit from a bygone era“. Therefore, the real names of Pahuyuth teachers are never published or brought to the fore. Just like the given name, the self-chosen name traditionally serves to protect an inactive person from persecution.

Apart from that, Pahuyuth has never been about the mediator of knowledge (person), but exclusively about knowledge or knowledge mediation itself (competence). Knowledge exists independently of a person.

The question about the origin of a teacher or that of his knowledge is therefore usually answered as follows:

‘I am NO ONE. I come from NOWHERE and I go into NOWHERE. I was taught by NO ONE and I help someone to become NO ONE.’