What is the probationary stage?

In Pahuyuth, the first learning stage of the Pahuyuth training is referred to as the probationary stage (Lugsidt), trial student phase or yellow belt phase. The probationary stage ends with the successful completion of the entrance examination.

The Traditional probationary stage

In former times, Pahuyuth students had to apply to a teacher, for example by working as temple novices (Dek Wat, church child). Initially, each of these students was only taken in as probationary student to first examine their character and ideas.

The ancient teachers them an insight into the fighting knowledge, but no concrete fighting techniques to prevent possible abuse by an unadmitted student. It was only at a later stage that the teacher decided whether and to what extent it was possible for him to impart the requested knowledge to the novice and to accept him as a full-fledged student (green belt).

Following the Buddhist robes of the temple novices, Pahuyuth probationary students (Lugsidt Todlong) still wear a yellow belt today. Instead of cleaning in the temple, there is nowadays a structured beginner course (yellow belt course) in which the basics of the Pahuyuth are taught.

The Modern probationary stage

The teaching content of the probationary stage (Lugsidt) is based on the standardized new version of the traditional Pahuyuth teaching concept and called the „probationary student phase“ (yellow belt). The content of this phase, in the sense of the dual teaching concept, consists of technical qualification and Carrier’s Worthiness.

Pahuyuth belt levels qualification learning path

1. Technical qualification

The technical qualification includes the basics of Pahuyuth combat knowledge, consisting of

The technical qualification is determined at the entrance examination by a teacher or a qualified examiner.

2. Carrier’s Worthiness

Practitioners of Pahuyuth are carriers of knowledge. The psychological self-attitude or the character of the examinee is defined as Carrior’s Worthiness. The individual worthiness of a carrier of Pahuyuth knowledge is determined by the College of Pahuyuth Practitioners (green belt and subsequent belt-steps) in the course of a special admission ritual (Carrier‘s Worthiness Exam).

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