What was the Muai-Thai Studio?

Muai-Thai Studio is the former name of the present-day Pahuyuth School in Berlin.

Historical context

The Pahuyuth School was founded in 1975 as the “Muai-Thai Studio” in West-Berlin. It was the first school to make the then unknown “Thai fighting” public in Germany. One of the tasks of this training centre was to promote Thai combat sports (Muay Thai) and Thai culture in Europe. For this reason, at that time one spoke e.g. of “Thai sports combat” or “Thai martial arts”. Measures such as these promoted tourism in Thailand and served to promote culture and the economy.

The Pahuyuth itself is not a “sport” in the sense of a form of play or competition and strictly speaking also not even a “Thai” martial art (Thailand was founded only in 1939 AD – Pahuyuth, on the other hand, is several thousand years old). Nevertheless, it is and remains the origin of all Thai and many Southeast Asian martial arts and martial arts, which is why in the seventies and eighties parts of the Pahuyuth, in agreement with the Thai and German governments, were used to promote “Thai sport” and “Thai culture” in Europe.

1989 saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. Berlin’s special status was removed and the development of the Muai-Thai Studio took an even more authentic direction.

In the nineties, when Thai boxing had become sufficiently well known, the Muai-Thai Studio developed into the now well-known “Pahuyuth School”. The focus of the training shifted to free fighting with and without weapons (Pahuyuth) as well as to the protection and cultivation of all traditional Free-Warrior knowledge (Pahuyuth, Sart Bambatgay and Saiyasart) through education and instruction.

The traditional orientation indirectly led to the development of Muay Boran in Thailand and to a growing interest in traditional Thai martial arts (e.g. Krabi Krabong) worldwide. To this day, this school in Berlin is regarded as an important pioneer for the development of Thai martial arts in Europe, as well as a benchmark pioneer and authority for traditional Thai martial arts worldwide.

Since 2021, the teaching activities of the Pahuyuth School are no longer limited to Berlin. Through the introduction of modern hybrid and online teaching, it now enables all interested parties worldwide to learn Pahuyuth, to qualify as full-fledged Free-Warriors and to preserve the knowledge and culture of the ancient Free-Warriors for future generations.

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