What is the Pahuyuth Qualification System?

The Pahuyuth qualification system is the training and educational concept of Pahuyuth.


The Pahuyuth knowledge was passed on to us from generation to generation. It was forged from the combat experiences of countless Free-Warriors who have successfully survived innumerable wars and conflicts.

In peacetime, they incorporated parts of their way of thinking and philosophy into their daily lives, thus creating the basis for the dual mediation principle of pahuyuth.

The Pahuyuth qualification system is a martial arts training in the physical as well as in the psychological sense and is based exclusively on individual competence or character development.

Pahuyuth placement principle qualification system 2022

Physical and psychological learning aspects

The Pahuyuth mediation concept has physical and psychological learning aspects, with the focus of physical and physical proportions shifting more and more towards psychic parts as the development increases. Therefore it is not only the knowledge of combat that is conveyed.

Due to the special historical background of the Pahuyuth and its connection with the Saiyasart and the Free-Warrior medicine, the Pahuyuth has never been solely only about fighting, violence and warfare.

The ancient teachers realized that the study of the seven disciplines of pahuyuth could not only be used to develop a unique fighting style. In addition, it leads to a special form of self-discovery, self-knowledge and personality development. In order to promote these developments, they established a teaching concept that enables a holistic martial arts training in the physical as well as the spiritual sense.

Belt steps

In addition to the dual mediation principle, the combat Knowledge of the Pahuyuth was divided into three consecutive learning phases. The first section is called probationary stage (Lugsidt), the second is called student stage learning level and the third is called teacher stage.

A further subdivision of these sections according to the respective learning content led to the development of the Pahuyuth belt system. It allows classification into yellow belt (probationary), green belt (beginner level), white belt (appropriation level), black belt (application level), blue belt and red belt (teacher stage), as well as belt exams.


The examinations are differentiated in technical qualifications and Carrior’s Worthiness. In the technical qualification exam the technical competence (physical learning aspect) is tested. In the Carriers Worthiness Examination, the development status of a warrior is tested in the sense of the psychological self-attitude (psychic learning aspects) or the individual character.

The technical qualification is tested by a teacher or a qualified examiner. The approval of the Carrier’s Worthiness Exam is carried out by the College of Pahuyuth Practitioners.

Belts and certificates

The Pahuyuth qualification system is based exclusively on existing expertise and related competence in the field of Pahuyuth. The system includes belt levels and examinations, but no certificates, diplomas or examination fees.

The belt levels serve as visible indicators for the minimum level of knowledge of its respective wearer. However, the colours of the belts do not establish a hierarchy, nor do they serve as a badge of rank or status symbol. This would be contrary to the freedom and equality principles of the Free-Warriors.

Examinations in Pahuyuth are always free of charge. Anyone who fulfills the necessary requirements can take a Pahuyuth belt exam. Internal as well as external students can register for a formal confirmation of their knowledge at a Pahuyuth educational institution. They will always receive this confirmation for free. Basically, no decisions about progress are made in the Pahuyuth. Either existing knowledge can be confirmed or correction recommendations are given.

In Pahuyuth it is never about the mutual bestowal of certificates or the establishment of a social or economic structure. Pahuyuth is exclusively about the transmission of potentially life-prolonging martial arts knowledge. If this knowledge is demonstrably there, it can be formally confirmed by a Pahuyuth teacher or examiner.

The certification model of Pahuyuth is independent of documents and attestations. A Pahuyuth practitioner always carries his true belt-rank within himself because the Pahuyuth-knowledge has become a part of him. Therefore he easily recognizes those who only pretend to have this knowledge but do not possess it.

A true Pahuyuth belt can never be obtained by fraud, be bought or gifted – It can only earned.

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