Physical abilities (Kvam Samart) in Pahuyuth is a subset of physical performance that is decisive for whether a particular (combat) action can be performed by the body.

Origin of Physical Abilities

The physical abilities are changeable functions of the biological conditions of the body or memorizable action patterns. The concept of physical abilities is based on the findings of traditional Free-Warrior medicine about the hormone somatropin.


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The knowledge about the body, especially about the possibilities of movement and the nature of the body parts, benefits the fighter not only in his own actions. Rather, he also recognizes from this the possible actions of his opponent, which underlie equal human conditions.

The Pahuyuth deals with physical abilities in three categories:

  • The teaching of breathing technique (Hay Djai)
  • The teaching of of Muscles (Glahmnueh)
  • The teaching of Movement (Kruehnweihh)

Physical Abilities in the 30 exercises

The ten exercises included in the 30 exercises for physical abilities come from the field of traditional health massage. They have effects on internal circulation regulation and tension in the body.

30 exercises performance reaction physical abilities martial arts endurance training chart

Physical Abilities in the PQS

The physical abilities are trained in particular with the performance qualification standard of class 0 (PQS0).

Pahuyuth PQS exercises class 0 scaled scaled