In the Saiyasart the term Emotional Love refers to the bond between two people that has developed on the basis of an emotion.

These emotions can be:

  • strong euphoria (pink glasses)
  • excessive joy
  • Greed

The strong euphoria is a condition known to be in love, this one is like being pregnant. In the first three months the knowledge has to grow, in the next three months this supposed love emerges clearly visible and in the last three months there is a decision (birth) whether love will continue or not. If it persists, the next three months are a time of uncertainty, such as the post-life depression. This is due to the fact that the basis for the resulting relationship was an emotional one.

Likewise in the relationship that has grown due to greed, this remains the basis for the relationship, which is most likely doomed to failure. Like any other relationship that has arisen through emotion.

Being in love is a romantic moment that brings joy for a certain time, but at some point decreases quite similarly to the greed for the partner. If there is no further basis for the relationship, the drama of termination sets in and the relationship is over.

An exception is a relationship that has grown on the basis of hatred, through which hatred and the need to express it have two people got to know each other more closely, which is a solid basis for a relationship with each other. This can lead to a relationship, but it doesn’t necessarily have to.

The relationships that arise on an emotional basis are necessary for the adolescents, they get to know themselves and understand the importance of coexistence in the beginning.

It is not said that such a relationship lasts forever, nor can one say that a no longer frosty relationship arises from it, however this possibility exists. But if the basis remains emotional, the relationship will sooner or later come to an end.