What is a climbing technique?

In Pahuyuth, techniques which are intended to enable vertical movement or the overcoming of obstacles are called escalating techniques or climbing techniques.


The term “escalating” comes from the French language and means something like “ascending”, “climbing” or “climbing over”. In military parlance, this refers, among other things, to a “storming with storm ladders” (e.g. a fortress).

In Pahuyuth, vertical movement techniques, which are intended to enable the overcoming of obstacles, are called escalating techniques. This can refer, for example, to climbing a step, but also to climbing and overcoming an obstacle with one or more people.

Pahuyuth eskaladier technique climbing technique

In earlier times, climbing techniques were used by Free-Warriors to infiltrate enemy positions by climbing over fences and walls. The ability to climb on other people led to the development of so-called action techniques.

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