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The Warrior’s Creed

The Warrior’s Creed is a non-religious ritual that takes place at the end of each beginners course.

The instructor or teacher recites the creed and demonstrates the corresponding movements and hand postures for all participants. Occasionally he also explains the deeper meaning of this gesture (see video below).

The Warriors Creed reveals a deep insight into the ethical and philosophical ideals of Pahuyuth.

The ability to recite the Warriors Creed is one of the necessary prerequisites to be accepted as a full-fledged Pahuyuth student (Green Belt). Admitted Pahuyuth students finish their training with the so-called teacher greeting (Wai Kru).

The Warrior’s Creed

“We stand with our feet forming a V, for as human beings we are all equal.

Students place their left hand before the body as a fist, for they seek to learn to fight. They then cover it with their open right hand to indicate that they are willing to learn to forgive before they learn to fight.

Teachers form a fist with their right hand in front of the body, for they know how to fight. They place their left hand openly upon it, to show that as a learned personality they prefer forgiveness to fighting.

We keep a moment of silence together to symbolically affirm our agreement with the aforesaid and then shake hands in acknowledgement of our mutual training and teaching within the community of warriors.”

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