The 30 Exercises are a training program for beginners, which consists of thirty body weight exercises.


In Pahuyuth, an action technique is a technique that combines climbing up on an opponent with a fighting technique.

In Buddhist teachings, Ah Vicha (also Awicha or Ah Wicha – Bad Knowledge) refers to those areas of knowledge that are suitable for harming other living beings.

Ajahn (also ajaan, aajaan, ajarn, ajan, acharn or achaan) is a “professor” or “senior teacher” in the Thai language.

In Pahuyuth, an alibi technique (also called placebo technique) is colloquially referred to as a technique that is carried out for its own sake or as an excuse, apology or justification.

The Altai Mountains are a high Central Asian mountain range of up to 4506 m in the border area of Kazakhstan, Russia (Siberia), Mongolia and China.

The application level, black belt level, is the third of three Pahuyuth student belt steps.

The approproiation, intermediate or white belt level is the second of a total of three student belt steps (see learning level) of the Pahuyuth.

In the understanding of Pahuyuth, the art of war refers to the knowledge of conflict and conflict between at least two warring parties (groups, troop units, etc.).

The Ascendeing Trajectory (Tauw Süy) is a technique in pahuyuth in which the target is hit in an upward movement.