In Saiyasart the term accident spirit (Pieh Tayhong) refers to a magical figure or ghost phenomenon that has arisen through violence.

In Buddhist teachings, Ah Vicha (also Awicha or Ah Wicha – Bad Knowledge) refers to those areas of knowledge that are suitable for harming other living beings.

Ajahn (also ajaan, aajaan, ajarn, ajan, acharn or achaan) is a “professor” or “senior teacher” in the Thai language.

The altar at eye level (Sahn Piean Dtah) is a dwelling for ghosts.

An animal spirit (Pieh Sang) is a magic figure or ghost apparition in animal form.

Arrival meditation (Banluhh Nai) is a form of meditation in the Saiyasart that is about dealing with one’s own self.

An aspect in the Saiyasart a perspective of view. A distinction is made between the inner aspect, the external aspect and the relational aspect.

Attan Veth refers to prayer texts with which supernatural phenomena are to be brought about.

In the Saiyasart being is a state of existence that exists and is perceptible in the physical realm (existence).

In Saiyasart, “being affected” is a type of perception in which one acts as a participant in relation to what is perceived.