The spproproiation, intermediate or white belt level is the second of a total of three student belt steps (see learning level) of the Pahuyuth. Members of the appropriation level wear a white belt.

Pahuyuth belt levels qualification learning path

Teaching content of the beginner level

The teaching contents of the appropriation level (white belt) mainly refer to integrating the basic level techniques (green belt) into one’s own combat methodology and to further develop them.

This development process is divided into five learning contents. They are considered to be the guiding criteria for the qualification exam for the black belt.

  1. Self-correction
  2. Self-development
  3. Self-assessment
  4. Self-Knowledge
  5. Self-Discipline

The Carrior’s Worthiness for the black belt results from the formation of self-responsibility or personal responsibility.

Further information on the teaching content of the appropriation level can be found in the Pahuyuth Compendium:

Pahuyuth compendium mock up 1