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Bodyless love

In the Saiyasart bodiless love is a relationship between two people, which is characterized by a state of being there without being there.



Brahminism belongs to one of the oldest faiths in India. It deals with miracles and the holiness of various deities



Buddhism describes itself as a doctrine of wisdom. It comes from India and was founded by Siddhartha, later also called Buddha.


Contemplative meditation

A contemplation meditation (Vipassana) is a form of meditation that is about experiencing the knowledge of truth as an observer.


Created Information

Created information is information created by the willful assembly and transformation of existential information.


Dependent Love

In the Saiyasart dependent love refers to a relationship that has formed between two people on the basis of a mutual or one-sided dependence.


disease spirit

In the Saiyasart a disease spirit (Pieh Tayhah) is a magical figure that is the result of a disease with lethal consequence .