Self-defense: When does self-defence begin?

Fighting is not self-defence. In the video above, a teacher explains when and how self-defence within the meaning of §32 of the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany begins and ends.

Please note: Depending on the country in which you live, some of the techniques shown are not 100% suitable for self-defence under the law. Some of these techniques are very dangerous and can lead to serious injuries. Please DO NOT try to imitate or recreate the activities performed in this video. We assume no responsibility and are not liable for any damages or injuries of any kind. Internet videos are not a substitute for training under expert supervision. For an optimal training in self-defense we therefore recommend attending a suitable school. For legal advice, we recommend consulting a suitably qualified lawyer and/or your local police station.

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(1) A person who commits an act in self-defence does not act unlawfully.

(2) Self-defence means any defensive action that is necessary to avert an imminent unlawful attack on oneself or another.

Extract from the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany – when it comes to the subject of “self-defence”, current laws have top priority at the Pahuyuth School in Berlin.