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COVID-19 – a teacher / healer recommends – Part 4

March 21, 2020
Topic: COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2)

Social contacts in times of the Corona crisis

The well-founded appeal for the avoidance of social contacts was and cannot be ignored by all of us! As part of society, we grew up with the will and mutual agreement to solidarity. At the same time, our ability to actually implement and deal with the resulting consequences is now being tested again and again.

Let’s be honest: How often do we actually visit our still-living parents, grandparents or older relatives? Compulsory exercises such as Christmas, Easter or birthdays. How many social contacts that go beyond a sporadic small talk with the neighbor do we actually have? How many of us do not already live a life as a hermit in an overpopulated world?

Our social model of life has developed over a period of more than a thousand years. Industrialization and modern working conditions have recently created a way of life comparable to the battery farming of chickens. Of the 24 hours we have every day, we spend about two-thirds (2/3) in public, while we retreat to our “dwellings” for the rest of the day (1/3).

The current actual state

The present situation demands that we more or less spend our entire existence (3/3) in our dwelling. This requires an enormous degree of adaptability from the vast majority of people. It is already worth looking at the consequences of this change for our society:

  • paranoic, psychological corruption (traumatization).
  • Selfish, domestic conflicts within families.
  • Adventurous, arbitrary recriminations in the living environment
  • Economic and social disorientation up to fears of existence.
  • Identity crises due to an unpredictable future.

All these things are among the sooner or later unavoidable psychological circumstances that each of us will face. Dealing with one’s own problems as well as such traumatized people is to be mastered individually by each individual. Human warmth, empathy and compassion are needed to achieve this and maintain social ties in times of crisis.

What we can learn as Warriors

Especially as warriors, we can learn in this situation to deal with our own ego (ME), to develop our understanding and helpfulness for the weaker, and to free ourselves from stressful factors such as greed, envy or resentment (MINE). If we succeed in this, we can evolve as fighters as well as as human beings and achieve a psychological opening to an as yet unknown but potentially inevitable future.

About this series

With the onset of the Corona Pandemic, a Pahuyuth teacher/healer began to share general recommendations for the care and maintenance of health to the students of the Pahuyuth School in Berlin. These are based on the traditional knowledge and the findings of traditional Free-Warrior Medicine. We have decided to share this information with the public free of charge and without obligation to help all those affected by SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19.

Important note: The above information is only recommendations without warranty. Under no circumstances do they replace professional counselling or treatment by trained and recognised doctors or psychologists. The content listed here cannot and should not be used to make independent diagnoses or to begin treatments. The instructions of the government and the authorities must be followed. The viewpoints and recommendations of the traditional Free-Warrior Medicine may differ from other teachings. We recommend that you obtain comprehensive information and weigh all available information on the basis of logic and rationality.

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