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Yaan Meditation – a Saiyasart Perception Training

Yaan meditation is a spin-off from the Saiyasart knowledge, which in turn is a part of the traditional free warrior knowledge.

About Yaan Meditation

Gut feeling, intuition and unconscious perceptions – all these abilities are inherent in every human being. However, only very few people have conscious access to these resources. Be it through a lack of promotion of these talents in youth or simply through repression and oblivion in the course of growing up.

Yaan Meditation is a practice-oriented training, which helps to bring all these abilities back into consciousness and to resensitize the body’s own perception.

Through Yaan meditation, for example, it becomes possible to see things that do not reflect light, to hear things that are not pronounced, or to sense things that should not be there by conventional standards.

In later stages of Yaan meditation, these abilities are expanded to include forms of perception and communication that would generally be classified in the parapsychological or esoteric realm, but in reality can be learned and applied by anyone. The ability of Yaan perception can also serve as a first step towards spiritual self-knowledge.

The five senses of the YAAN

SEEING without seeing

Not everything we perceive with our eyes is true and truth is not always what we can see with our own eyes. The Yaan training in SEEING brings back into consciousness all those things that we have proverbially overlooked for a long time.

This includes for example the active perception of vibrations, aura and spirit beings, as well as projections in the past and present and even different forms of precognition, up to a more or less pronounced clairvoyance.

Learn Yaan Meditation

Currently Yaan Meditation is taught as a live course in Berlin as well as a time- and location-independent online video format.

More about Yaan Meditation and first experiences on www.yaanmeditation.de