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COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) – a teacher / healer recommends – Part 6

Date: 19 April 2020
Subject: COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2)

Life and survival in isolation

The traditional Free-Warrior-Medicine follows a holistic approach, which considers both physical and psychological aspects. The condition of the body influences the psyche and vice versa. On this basis, many complaints and illnesses (e.g. certain types of immune deficiencies and control errors in the nervous system) can be traced back to the psychological state of health.

The restrictions (schutdown, lockdown) imposed due to the corona pandemic lead to noticeable restrictions in daily life with corresponding psychological consequences. Our current way of life is comparable to the caging of animals.

This results in several psychological and social conflict potentials which have to be managed:

Problem 1: Mental blockages

Staying indoors can sooner or later lead to blockages in one’s own thought processes. The proverbial lack of foresight hinders the thinking and can indirectly lead to physical discomfort.

Recommendation: Regular airing of the apartment and looking out of the window can be a remedy. It is important here that the eyes can actually look into the distance and focus on distant things. A view of the opposite wall of the house, a poster or a computer monitor is in most cases not sufficient to achieve the desired relaxing effect.

Sars cov 2 corona heilkunde traditional healing knowledge isolation quarantine lockdown

Problem 2: Collisions of thoughts

Personal freedom and retreat possibilities are rare in times of shutdown. The forced spatial proximity to other people leads to collisions of thought structures. This refers not only to differences of opinion, but also to unconscious vibrational interference.

Recommendation: Relaxed conversations and small talks about common interests or needs can help. Interpersonal exchange harmonizes opposing vibrational patterns and creates valuable community feelings that make living together in a confined space more bearable.

Sars cov 2 corona heilkunde traditional healing knowledge argument

Problem 3: Lack of prospects

Closed or confined spaces act like a dead end or barrier to the psyche. The constant presence of physical obstacles can convince the subconscious to find itself in a hopeless situation, even if this is not the case.

Recommendation: In order to deal with this problem, it is advisable to adjust future thinking to short distances and focus on the here and now. Many people already do this automatically and live into the day. For others, for example, conscious perception and control of their own breathing can have the desired effect.

Sars cov 2 corona heilkunde traditional healing knowledge fear perspective

Problem 4: Existential fears

Unemployment, insolvency, inflation – the current restrictions of the economy cause direct or indirect existential fears for many, which can have a negative effect on the immune system and physical condition (e.g. cardiovascular disease).

Recommendation: Existential fears are based on an uncertain (because it has not yet occurred) vision of the future that is created in the present. The key to coping with these fears is thus the self-correction of one’s own perception and thought formation. Awareness of this mechanism can help, as can a disciplined examination of one’s own thought processes on the basis of logic and rationality.

Sars cov 2 corona heilkunde traditional healing knowledge economic fear

Problem 5: Social restrictions

Humans are social creatures whose survival in earlier times depended on living in a stable community. A sudden change in our accustomed social structure creates stress, which in turn can lead to complaints and illnesses. The current restrictions of our social interaction represent an alienation of our social environment that should not be underestimated.

Recommendation: A conscious approach to one’s own actions and reactions in relation to the immediate social environment can help. This refers on the one hand to an observation of changes in the social environment that is as unemotional as possible and on the other hand to disciplined self-control with regard to dealing with close persons. It is recommended not to misuse fellow human beings as lightning conductors for one’s own emotional turbulences.

Sars cov 2 corona heilkunde traditional healing knowledge isolation social activities

Please note: The above recommendations are no substitute for professional treatment by a therapist or doctor trained for this purpose. In case of acute psychological crises we recommend to follow this link (valid for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol).

About this series

With the beginning of the Corona Pandemic, a Pahuyuth teacher/healer started to give general recommendations for care and health maintenance to the students of the Pahuyuth School in Berlin. These recommendations are based on the traditional knowledge and findings of the traditional free warrior medicine. We have decided to share this information with the public free of charge and without obligation to help all those affected by SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19.

Important note: The above information is only recommendations without guarantee. In no case do they replace professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors or psychologists. The contents listed here cannot and should not be used to independently make diagnoses or begin treatment. The instructions of government and authorities must be followed. The views and recommendations of Freikämpferheilkunde may differ from other doctrines. We recommend to inform yourself comprehensively and to weigh up all available information on the basis of logic and rationality.

Recommended Links

Bundesministerum für Gesundheit (Germany)
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WHO (World Health Organization)
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We use the proceeds to make even more content of this kind available to the public, thus preserving the cultural heritage and knowledge of the ancient free warriors for future generations.

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About the traditional Free-Warrior-Medicine

The traditional medicine is based partly on the knowledge of body, mind and soul from the Saiyasart, but also on the practical necessity to be able to heal diseases and injuries far away from civilization. The traditional medicine includes the knowledge of healing massage techniques as well as medicinal herbs and medicinal plants. Fragments of this field of knowledge found their way into traditional Thai massage and other natural healing methods.