Basic technique or “mother technique” (Mae Mai or Maeh Mai) is a technique used to shape reaction patterns for the use of primary combat elements (Physical Knowledge), Defense Knowledge and Safety Knowledge.

Derivations of basic techniques are called technical variants (Look Mai or Loog Mai).

Basic techniques for beginners

Probationary students (yellow belt) learn 45 basic techniques. A poster with these techniques can be purchased in our shop.

Pahuyuth yellow belt beginner lugsidt techniques poster curriculim

Basic techniques for advanced

The basic techniques and technical variants for all seven Pahuyuth diziplines are listed in the Pahuyuth Compendium.

Pahuyuth compendium mock up 1

Use of the term “Mae Mai” in other fighting styles

In contrast to the original understanding of pahuyuth about the conceptual structure and the teaching of combat techniques, often arbitrarily selected combinations of techniques (Mai Gon) are classified as basic techniques (Mae Mai) in Muay Thai or Muay Boran. The lack of a logical derivation and justification for this classification can be seen as an indication of a lack of expertise in the reconstruction of traditional fighting styles.