Ruesi (also Known as Lersi, Pra Rasi or Rishi in India) is a type of jungle preacher or itinerant healer from Southeast Asia.

Ruesi was originally the term for a fortune teller, shaman or medicine man who lives secluded in the wilderness and spends his time in deep meditation or in the production of medicine. The culture of the Ruesi, like the culture of Pahuyuth, goes back to a time before Buddhism.

The Ruesi were told, among other things, that they had the ability to leave their bodies, to predict the future, to create magical tattoos and amulets, and to be able to talk to animals. However, these abilities are less to be attributed to medicine than to the fields of knowledge of Saiyasart or Yaan Meditation.

A Ruesi plays an important role in the “Story of Gaeuw”. The Story of Gaeuw serves as part of the martial arts training of the Pahuyuth to teach the teaching methodology. It is about a young son of charcoal burners who went out to look for a hunter to save his village from a tiger gang.

The short documentary The Lost Wizards of Thailand provides an insight into the world of Ruesi and their culture:

The Lost Wizards of Thailand

An insight into the world of the Ruesi and their culture provides the short documentary “The Lost Wizards of Thailand”, to which we have dedicated a seperate blog post, where we show the film at full lenght.

The lost wizards of thailand ruesi lersi featured