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Accident spirit

In Saiyasart the term accident spirit (Pieh Tayhong) refers to a magical figure or ghost phenomenon that has arisen through violence.


Animal spirit

Animal Spirit (Pieh Sang) is the term for a magical figure or ghost in animal form in the Saiyasart.


Arrival meditation

Arrival meditation (Banluhh Nai) is a form of meditation in the Saiyasart that is about dealing with one’s own self.



An aspect in the Saiyasart a perspective of view. A distinction is made between the inner aspect, the external aspect and the relational aspect.


Being (state)

In the Saiyasart being is a state of existence that exists and is perceptible in the physical realm (existence).


Being affected

Being affected is a type of perception in the Saiyasart in which one acts as a participant in relation to what is perceived. The opposite of being affected is being an observer.


Being an Observer

In the Saiyasart viewing refers to a kind of perception in which one remains as an uninvolved person in relation to what is perceived. The opposite of being the observer is being affected.



In Saiyasart a believe is the assumption or acceptance of anaudited knowledge.


Black Magic

In Saiyasart the term Black Magic stands for manipulations which involve coercion.