What is a vision?

In the Saiyasart a vision is an accepted reality that is constructed by a bio-physically perceptible simulation, where by which actual perception is not a condition. Reality on the other hand is a bio-physical perception of an existing aspect.

Reality and Vision

Apart from the fact that the perception of information arises from the immediate event, whereby the reaction of perception consists as a reaction sequence of the functioning of the body, there are two other types of information that the human constantly processes. The information that refers to an event or snapshot in the past and the information that is focused on the probability of an event in the future.

Reality is a bio-physical perception of an existing aspect. In contrast, a vision is an accepted reality built up by a bio-physically perceptible simulation, where perception is not a condition.


A peasant boy has planned his career as a general in the military for his own future. The perception of the peasant boy by a general is done by defined and processed information, which exists for him as real-existing information. At the same time, this information serves as the basis for his decision to become a general.

In terms of content, the information consists mainly of the positive shares, and not of the actual ones. Through his life as a peasant boy with his corresponding surroundings, this part of the information has remained hidden from him. For him, his idea of a general is more or less realistic. His planning starts from his point of view as a peasant boy, who perceives all information as a concerned person on the way to becoming a general.

The calculation of his project, or its result, is based on a real possibility. The moment he mentally perceives the events of him as a peasant boy to him as a general, an aspect of his reality arises. This is an event process that simulates a reality with its information spectrum.

The possibility of actually implementing his project will not exist with both the underlying data of a general and that of an adult peasant boy. His data correspond to a future-oriented idea or vision, which was calculated from the current data base.

There is no overlapping with the actual events of the future.

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