A suitable and repeatable action to stimulate a certain or indeterminate vibration and to produce a distinct effect is called a ritual in the Saiyasart.

A few things to consider or know:

In daily life, people perform rituals all the time and even several times daily. The same or almost the same procedure at the beginning of the morning as well as a certain way of cooking coffee, creating activities with friends or acquaintances and much more.

It is normal to perform rituals. A ritual provides security and strength. Daily rituals are usually not performed with detailed precision and may contain deviations.

A ritual that is performed for a specific purpose in order to consciously address/activate a vibration must necessarily be carried out precisely and faithfully. For example:

  • A fixed course of action
  • The meaning and purpose are clear and firm
  • The performer of the ritual is without doubt and his cause is well defined
  • The ritual contains a clear ending

Simple variants of this can be found in religious ceremonies. Both in the church and in a Buddhist temple as well as in a mosque. The joint celebration of texts in prayer or singing form ensures an approximation to a “desired” vibration of all participants and is the main component of the rituals performed here.

It’s not that simple in an incantation ritual. For the most part, such a ritual consists of coercion. There are various dangers here for precisely this reason. This can cause a psychological change for all involved, which may not even be reversed. It is therefore advisable to consider if a forced ritual is really necessary.

For Saiyasart or learners, the performing of a ritual is rather not necessary. Everything that a ritual is aimed at can also be accomplished by one’s own abilities and abilities, without coercion.

It is recommended to use the compulsorily path