Physical Knowledge

In Pahuyuth, Physical Knowledge refers to the teaching of position, stability and movements of the human body in space, as well as the teaching of basic attack techniques. Physical Knowledge is based on the model of autodynamics.

Physical Knowledge for beginners

Probationary students (yellow belt) learn a total of fifteen techniques of physical knowledge, which have been complied as LS-01 as part of the systematic nomenclature of Pahuyuth.

The 1984 teaching video contains the fifteen techniques of physical knowledge.

Pahuyuth martial art instruction video video 1984 techniques for beginners online muai muay thai boran berlin 1984 featured

A poster with the techniques of physical knowledge for beginners can be purchased in our shop.

Pahuyuth yellow belt beginner lugsidt techniques poster curriculim

Physical Knowledge for advanced practitioners

The Pahuyuth Compendium includes the techniques of physical knowledge for all seven Pahuyuth disciplines.

Pahuyuth compendium mock up 1