Interdisciplinary partner training is defined as partner training in which the participants belong to different disciplines. The opposite of interdisciplinary partner training is intradisciplinary partner training.

During the green belt phase, it is recommended to only practice partner trainings with members of your own discipline (e.g. DAAB to DAAB ) unless you have learned another Pahuyuth discipline. This is most useful for the perception and acquisition of motion sequences or autodynamic reaction patterns (see model of autodynamics) at this level of learning. From the white belt phase on, interdisciplinary training (e.g. DAAB to GRABONG or DAAB to LING LOM) is increasingly coming to the fore.

If there are not enough participants to carry out partner trainings within your own discipline, the school can permit a temporary interdisciplinary training from the green belt level. This tradition goes back to wartime, in which only few resources or suitable training partners were available for the training of new Free-Warriors.