A green belt is a belt in the Pahuyuth. Green belts are worn by students of the beginner level (also basic level).

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Origin of the green color

Pahuyuth has always been the fighting method of ordinary people, the first victims of relentlessbrutal violence and slavery, who have developed the martial arts knowledge in a number of war conflicts against mostly stronger adversaries.

In times of war, ordinary citizens, peasants and fishermen were called into the army to defend the country and released after the end of the conflict without becoming regular soldiers. In honor of these warriors, Pahuyuth students of the basic level wear an emerald-green belt color, which is meant to remind of the forest and rural areas.

In the basic level, Pahuyuth students learn the basic techniques of the combat disciplines they themselves choose.

Special belt

Students who passed the entrance exam but have not yet reached the age of fourteen wear a yellow-green belt.