The foot is the lower extremities from the feet to the knees. Foot one of the four bodily weapons of Pahuyuth.

Pahuyuth foot anatomy musculus tibialis anterior

All kinds of kicks and kicks, except knee techniques are considered as foot techniques. Foot techniques are used in all Pahuyuth disciplines for kicking. When kicking with the shin, it is preferred to hit with the anterior shin muscle (musculus tibialis anterior).

foot techniques are divided into

  • ascending (kick connects in the upward movement),
  • parallel (Kick connects while moving parallel to the ground)
  • descending (kick connects in the downward movement).

The amount of possible foot techniques in pahuyuth is infinite. As part of the Pahuyuth training, foot techniques are taught as basic techniques, variants, combinations and applications and individually refined.

In the discipline MUAI, the so-called traditional foot initiation is carried out when the foot maturity is reached.

Foot techniques for beginners

The 1984 teaching video contains the first three basic techniques for foot.

Pahuyuth martial art instruction video video 1984 techniques for beginners online muai muay thai boran berlin 1984 featured

Foot Techniques for Advanced Practitioners

The Pahuyuth Compendium contains the foot techniques for all seven Pahuyuth disciplines.

Pahuyuth compendium mock up 1