Fist (weapon)

A fist is a clenched hand. Fist is one of four body-owned weapons of the Pahuyuth.

A fist is created when the four fingers of a hand are rolled in tightly and locked with the thumb.

Pahuyuth fist anatomy 1

Fists are used for punching in all Pahuyuth disciplines.

Fist techniques are distinguished into

  • Straight Fist (linear from a to b)
  • Curved Fist (circular from a to b)
  • Mixed Fist (hybrid form of straight and curved punch)

Pahuyuth wai kru khru teacher greet punch angle

The amount of possible fist-techniques in pahuyuth strives in against infinity. As part of the Pahuyuth training, fist techniques are taught as basic techniques, variants, combinations and applications and are individually refined.

Fist techniques for beginners

The 1984 instructional video contains the first three basic techniques for fist.

Pahuyuth martial art instruction video video 1984 techniques for beginners online muai muay thai boran berlin 1984 featured

Fist techniques for advanced

The Pahuyuth Compendium contains the fist techniques for all seven Pahuyuth disciplines.

Pahuyuth compendium mock up 1