What is pumping?

“Pumping” is the colloquial term for the execution of push-ups, which are imposed as disciplinary measures in the context of the Pahuyuth training.

Push-ups in case of loss of weapons control

Beginner-level students (green belt) do twenty push-ups as soon as they lose control of their training weapon or if their practice weapon falls uncontrollably to the ground. This promotes the integration of the exercise weapons into one’s own body mechanics.

If there are no particular hinderances, the push-ups should be done immediately. If a loss of the training weapon occurs during partner training, the push-ups are added up and completed after the end of the respective partner training. Exceptions are knowledge transfer situations, throwing techniques and the exercise of fall and roll techniques, where ground contact does not necessarly mean a loss of control.

Completing several hundred push-ups per training is not uncommon for beginners. The reward for this effort is improved control and appreciation of one‘s own weapon. One‘s survival in emergency situations can depend on it.

Push-ups in case of inattention

A flashing object in the corner of the eye could be something harmless like jewelry … or the first sign of a knife attack. Many martial arts and self-defense methods talk about the importance of situational awareness and give valuable advice. This video shows how the Pahuyuth is dealing with this potentially life-saving topic.


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For safety reasons, Pahuyuth students are not allowed to wear rings, bracelets, watches or other fixed items in the training room. Elder practitioners must ensure that these rules are followed and that everyone pays attention to their surrounding. If an older student, prospective teacher, or teacher discovers a ring on someone’s finger (as is the case in this video), every younger student in the room must do push-ups.

Standard amounts for push-ups

The standard amounts (minimum) for push-ups are:

Probationary students (yellow belt) are generally exempt from push-ups because it is assumed that they can not know it better yet. Also excluded are blue belt and red belt, as they are no longer students.

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