What is a non-bodily weapon?

In Pahuyuth, a non-bodily weapon is an object that can be used to harm another living being.


Pahuyuth distinguishes non-bodily weapons into five categories, which result in the five armed combat disciplines (AWUD).

  • Hand-length objects – Knives (MEED)
  • Forearm-length objects – Shield (MAI SAWK)
  • Arm-length objects – Sword (DAAB)
  • Body-length objects – Staff (GRABONG)
  • Flexible Objects – Scarf (SABAI)

Analogous to the traditional combat methodology of the Gleeh-Warriors, this assignment is explicitly not about the use of a particular weapon, but above all about the physical nature and functioning of an object. The respective fighting style always allows to be executed with improvised weapons.

Archery, slingshot weapons, firearms or other types of weapons are also non-body objects that can be integrated as weapons into one’s own fighting style. However, they do not belong to the typical weapons of Pahuyuth.

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