What is Muay Tooh?

Muay Tooh is the term for Muay Thai, which is designed for full combat rounds and entertainment to meet viewership quotas as well as to meet airtimes and commercial breaks.


Because television stations live on advertising revenue, the editorial managers of such a station are usually anxious that Muay Thai fights are long enough to run advertising blocks and that the round and break times are strictly adhered to.

Also, a fight broadcasted on television should follow a certain dramaturgy to keep the viewers hooked. The wishes of the paying broadcasters in turn influence the training of the Muay Thai fighters, so that it ultimately came to a change in Muay Thai.

Not all techniques were suitable for television or “welcome” by the financiers, which is why many older fighters had to reduce their technical portfolio or did not pass on their knowledge to younger generations of fighters in the first place. Today’s Muay Thai is, among other things, a result of these developments.

In contrast to the original Muay Thai, the term “Muay Tooh” was born.

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