What is a Muay Sok?

Muay Sok (Muay elbow) is the the term for a Muay Thai fighter who has specialized in the use of elbow techniques. A MUAI-Warrior who has specialized in elbow techniques is called an elbow specialist (Muai Sok).


What is repeatedly misunderstood by foreign athletes (see Muay Farang) is that the term Muay Sok does not refer to a certain fighting style but to an attribute that is attributed to a fighter.

In earlier times, such terms were mainly used to advertise combat pairings to the betting public. At that time, bettors were less concerned with the question of victory or defeat than with whether and how, for example, an elbow specialist would prevail over a fist specialist. Bets were placed for or against the success of certain techniques. In the event of success, the fighters were rewarded with bonuses by the bettors.

The Muay Sok led indirectly via Muay Chai Daen (boxing at the border crossing) to the development of Lethwei.

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