What is Muay Sakon?

Muay Sakon (Western boxing) was originally a term for British boxing according to Queensbury rules. Later, this term became common for western boxing in general. The addition “Sakon” (international or universal) serves to differentiate from Muay or Muay Thai.


Muay-Sakon (Western boxing) is a combat sport in which only the fists are used to score points against the opponent. The fighters usually belong to the same weight class and use padded gloves to avoid injury. The goal is either to score the most points or to knock out the other fighter.

The origins of boxing can be traced back to the year 3000 BC in ancient Egypt. But only in the 17. and In the 18th century, boxing developed into the sport we know today. The first boxing rules were established in England, and the first recorded professional boxing match took place in 1681. James Figg, a fencing master, created the first set of rules for combat in modern times. Figg won the first official English boxing tournament in 1719 and was declared champion.

Boxing quickly became a popular spectator sport, and by the end of the 19th century it was held on an international level. Boxing was first recognized as an Olympic sport at the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis.

A few years later, a Thai businessman started importing boxing gloves from England to Thailand and hosting Muay Thai competitions. It can therefore be assumed that the development of modern Muay Thai can be traced back to Western boxing or was at least inspired by its worldwide success.

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