What is Muay Korat?

Muay Korat (Muay from the city of Korat) is a Muay Boran style invented in the 20th century AD by a general of the Thai army.


Muay Korat is a style of Muay Boran. The term Muay Korat is composed of the terms “Muay” (stand-up combat sport using the four body’s own weapons fist, foot, elbow and knee) and the addition “Korat” or “Khorat” (Thai: โคราช). The latter is the short name of the city of Nakhon Ratchasima (Thai นครราชสีมา), which is the capital of Nakhon Ratchasima Province in the northeastern region of Thailand, the so-called Isaan.

Muay Korat contains elements of Muay Lumpinee, Muay Chaiya, Judo and Taekwondo. It follows that the Muay Korat is not a pure Thai martial art. Muay Korat’s famous water buffalo technique comes from the column by Ajarn Ket Sriyapai (see Muay Chaiya).

Like the Krabi Krabong, Muay Korat has never been deployed in a warlike conflict.

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