What is a long-range fighter (Muai Yao)?

A long-range fighter (Muai Yao) is a Muai fighter who mainly uses variants of basic techniques (Mae Mai) and technical variants (Look Mai) that are suitable for long-range combat (fist and foot). The opposite of Muai Yao is called a close-range fighter (Muai Sann).


Muai Jau is not a specific fighting style, but an attribute attributed to a fighter.

In earlier times bets were placed on the successful implementation or thwarting of techniques. The outcome of a fight was secondary, because the real fascination was to see whether a fighter could successfully enforce his techniques and tactics or not. It was only through the industrialization of Muay Thai that the focus shifted to points, victories and defeats that were easy for the masses to understand.

For connoisseurs of the matter, for example, the question of whether a long-range fighter (Muai Jau) would succeed in maintaining his preferred combat distance against a close-range fighter (Muai Sann) may have been interesting.

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