Who is Kru Srie Treiradt?

Kru Srie Treiradt is one of five scholars also referred to as the original teachers (Porama Jahn) of Pahuyuth.


His ability to focus certain vibrations brought Kru Srie Treiradt to Kuha Sawann Cave as a place of combat knowledge. Through his relationship with Kru Kun Plai, three basic rules for friendship among warriors were developed according to the traditional model.

  1. As your friend, I am still a predator.

  2. Do not force me to make an emergency lie in the context of our friendship.

  3. If I find my existence superfluous, I withdraw immediately.

In the city of Tak there is a place of worship for him named Jauw Poh Srie Treiradt (divine father of the 3 shining crystals).

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