Daab Naresuan (also known as the “Sword of Ayutthaya”) is a special one-handed sword form developed and secretly passed on by a paramilitary unit under the reign of King Naresuan (1590-1605 A.D.).


After his coronation in 1590 A.D. King Naresuan restructured the armed forces of his empire. On his orders, a group of paramilitary Free-Warriors (Pahuyuth) was asked to protect the country in the event of an invasion and to conduct covert operations.

This created a new sword style (DAAB), which was secretly passed on among the descendants of this sword fighting art – the so-called DAAB NARESUAN, also known as the “Sword of Ayutthaya”. As the indirect founder of this style, King Naresuan has since then been regarded as sword fighting teacher honoris causa and is worshipped by the members of DAAB NARESUAN to this day.

The Pahuyuth School in Berlin is the only school in the world where Daab Naresuan (also known as the “Sword of Ayutthaya”) is taught.

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