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How much does a Thai sword weigh?

Practitioners of Thai Sword or sword fighting in general know:  The choice of a training weapon for everyday practice can have a big impact on the kind and quality of ones techniques.

A too heavy training weapon can lead to unwanted injuries. Is it too light it may happen, that the thoroughly trained movement patterns simply don’t work anymore, once you switch to a heavy steel sword.

Fast direction changes and hectical movements from the wrist can work well with rattan, bamboo or polymer sticks. But they certainly don’t work with heavy edged weapons made from steel.

For stage fighters, Cosplayers, LARPers and other show practitioners (e.g. Krabi Krabong) it may be absolutely reasonable to use lightweight mock ups and rattan sticks. The same applies of course for everyone who does not necessarily train with the goal in mind to wield a heavy war sword sooner or later (e.g. FMA stick fighters from Escrima, Kali, Arnis).

But when it comes to authentic Thai sword fighting, we recommend to skip rattan or bamboo and use something heavier instead, right from the start.

For a better comparison of the various weights, we have made two videos. The rattan sticks were borrowed from our FMA-friends at Kampfkunstschule Neukölln.

Weight comparison

Rattan stock stick kali escrima weight gewicht dünn thin e1546203746841

Rattan Stick (light)

A thin rattan stick came in at 200 grams.

Rattan stock stick kali escrima weight gewicht dick thick e1546203692771

Rattan Stick (heavy)

The slightly thicker version came in at 291 grams.

dab daab dahb thai training sword schwert gewicht e1546203680139

Training Sword (DAB, no guard)

The lightest DAB training sword had a weight of 409 Gram.

dab dahb daab thai training schwert sword scheide gewicht e1546203664797

Training Sword (DAB, with guard)

A typical DAB training sword for beginners had a weight of 491 Gramm.

dab dahb daab thai training sword steel stahl training gewicht weight e1546203654164

Training sword (DAB, steel)

DAB training sword made from steel (for intermediate students) came in at 799 Gramm.

dab daab thai sword ayutthaya weight gewicht e1546203644314

Thai war sword (DAB)

A Thai war sword (Dab Ayutthaya) made from steel reached 964 Grams.

dab daab dahb thai sword scabbard weight gewicht e1546203621983

Thai war sword scabbard

Its scabbard had a weight of 470 Grams.

Tutorial: How to make training swords for DAB

The training swords for the discipline DAB (Thai Sword), we use at Pahuyuth Schule Berlin are made from wooden round staffs covered in durable fabric tape. How they are made can be seen in this video (for details, please check the video description):

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