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How much does a Thai sword weigh?

Anyone who deals with the subject of Thai sword or sword fighting in general knows: The choice of the practice weapon for regular sword training can have serious impact on the type and quality of the acquired movement patterns.

If the weapon is too heavy, there may occur unintentional injuries (for oneself and others). If, on the other hand, the exercise weapon is too light, it can happen that movement patterns are learned that are not practicable with steel swords.

Rapid changes of direction and frantic movements from the wrist can work excellently, for example with bamboo, rattan or polymer sticks, but not with heavy bladed weapons made of steel.

For stage fencers, cosplayers, LARPers and show fighters (see Krabi Krabong), the use of lightweight replica weapons and rattan sticks may therefore be perfectly sufficient. The same applies, of course, to all those whose training does not necessarily aim to wield a heavy war sword sooner or later (e.g. stick fighters from Escrima, Kali or Arnis).

However, when it comes to authentic Thai sword fighting, we recommend to not use rattan or bamboo and resort to something heavier instead.

For a better understanding of the different weights, we have created two comparison videos.


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Weight comparison at a glance

Rattan staff (light)

A thin rattan stick came to 200 gramsin our measurement.

Rattan stock stick kali escrima weight weight duenn thin

Rattan staff (heavy)

The slightly thicker version of the rattan stickwas 291 grams.

Training sword (DAAB, without guard)

The lightest DAAB training sword had a weight of 409 grams.

Training sword (DAAB, with guard)

A typical DAAB training sword for beginners had a weight of 491 grams.

Training Sword (DAAB, steel)

A DAAB training sword made of steel (for advanced practitioners) weighed 799 grams.

War Sword (DAAB)

A Thai war sword made of steel (DAAB Ayutthaya design) reached a weight of 964 grams.

War Sword Scabbard (DAAB)

The corresponding sword scabbard brought it to 470 grams.

Overall comparison

Rattan stick (light)200 grams
Rattan stick (heavy)291 grams
DAB Practice Sword without Blade409 grams
DAB Practice Sword with Blade491 grams
DAB Training Sword (Steel)799 grams
DAB War Sword964 grams
DAB War Sword Scabbard470 grams


As you can see, there is a significant difference in weight between the different types of swords. Therefore, if you are looking for a training sword that is as close as possible to the weight of a real war sword, you should choose a steel training sword.

For those who are not ready for such a heavy sword, we recommend our DAAB training swords weighing 499 grams and more. These are still much heavier than the rattan sticks, but not as heavy as the steel swords. On top of that, they can be made with inexpensive materials from the hardware store.

How exactly this works, we explain in this video.


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In our opinion, this is the best way to realistically prepare for handling a war sword without unnecessarily endangering yourself or your training partners. Of course, deciding on the right training weapon is always a matter of personal preference.

If you want to learn more about sword fighting, visit our DAAB page or start today with our free and worldwide available trial training.

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