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COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) – a teacher /healer recommends – Part 2

Date: March 03, 2020
Topic: COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2)

General recommendations

  • Increase vitamin C intake. For example, with limes, lemons or ascorbic acid.
  • Reduce sugar intake, prefer salty foods instead.
  • Avoid alcohol urgently and sleep enough.
  • Keep calm to relieve the immune system.

Keep your lungs flexible

  • Eat garlic in oil. Stomp the garlic and put them in oil (sunflower oil). Take one teaspoon every two days.

Manufacture: Peel and squeeze some garlic. Pour over a light oil (e.g. sunflower oil). Store in a cool and dry place. The ingredients of the garlic keep bloodstreams and vascular walls (e.g. pulmonary bleaching) soft and supple. The oil is used for the preservation or transport of the active ingredients into the body.

Against acute inflammation (also lungs)

  • Mix and drink 1 teaspoon of vinegar with 50 ml of water and a pinch of salt.

In case of fever

  • Hair dryer for dry fever simulation. Let a warm to hot airflow pass by the mouth and nose and inhale once a day. In case of fever wait at least 2h, then drink water to lower the temperature. Please note that this is not about directing hot air directly into the nose or the throat area, nor of any kind of therapy by “burning out” of pathogens. Such experiments are strongly discouraged.
  • 1x Dissolve and drink aspirin plus C (only in case of acute problems and fever).

About this series

With the onset of the Corona Pandemic, a Pahuyuth teacher/healer began to share general recommendations for the care and maintenance of health to the students of the Pahuyuth School in Berlin. These are based on the traditional knowledge and the findings of traditional Free-Warrior Medicine. We have decided to share this information with the public free of charge and without obligation to help all those affected by SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19.

Important note: The above information is only recommendations without warranty. Under no circumstances do they replace professional counselling or treatment by trained and recognised doctors or psychologists. The content listed here cannot and should not be used to make independent diagnoses or to begin treatments. The instructions of the government and the authorities must be followed. The viewpoints and recommendations of the traditional Free-Warrior Medicine may differ from other teachings. We recommend that you obtain comprehensive information and weigh all available information on the basis of logic and rationality.

Recommended links

Federal Ministry of Health (Germany)
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WHO (World Health Organization)
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A coffee for a teacher

In former times, Pahuyuth Free-Warriors made a living as a itinerant healers or lived secludedly in the wilderness (Ruesi). For their services as natural healers or masseurs, they were often given accommodation and food. In order to adapt this tradition to the modern, we have set up a Buy me a Coffee Account.

We use the proceeds to make even more content of this kind available to the public, thus preserving the cultural heritage of the ancient Free-Warriors for future generations.

Pahuyuth traditional curative medicine training course

About the traditional Free-Warrior Medicine

The traditional Free-Warrior Medicine is based partly on the knowledge of the body, mind and soul from Saiyasart, but also on the practical necessity of being able to heal diseases and injuries far away from civilization. The traditional medicine includes knowledge of healing massage techniques, as well as medicinal herbs and medicinal plants. Fragments of this area of knowledge found their way into traditional Thai massage and other natural healing methods.